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2017-2018 Catalog (Archived) 
2017-2018 Catalog (Archived) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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John Albano

(209) 384-6073

Area Office
IAC Social Sciences Bldg., 2nd floor

(209) 384-6314

Cooperative Work Experience
(209) 384-6364

Program Description

Geography is the study of the physical aspects of the planet. Topics studied include population pressures, food supply, and resource availability. Physical Geography is a natural science about weather, climate, and earth processes creating different landforms, while World Geography is a social science of how mankind utilizes earth resources to create different cultures and standards of living. The study of Geography enables a student to better understand world problems and events; it prepares a student for a career as a planner, teacher, journalist, earth scientist, and for other occupations.

Lower division preparation for transfer students intending to major in geography should include:

Other pertinent courses are:


    Associate of Arts for Transfer

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