Updates (as of 1/10/24)

Updated 4/19/23:

Added C-ID Approval to the following courses:

  • CTIS-12: C-ID ITIS 155

  • CTIS-20: C-ID ITIS 160

  • CTIS-29: C-ID ITIS 172

Updated 5/4/23:

Added C-ID Approval to the following courses:

  • ART-01: C-ID ARTH 110

Updated links to Program Pathways Mapper for various programs.

Updated 6/7/23:

Added C-ID Approval to the following courses:

  • AGAS-04: C-ID AG-AS 132 L

  • ART-02: C-ID ARTH 120

Updated CSU-GE and IGETC pages to reflect new additions.

Updated 7/31/23:

  1. CTIS-05: C-ID ITIS 145

  2. Reorganization of School’s

    New Descriptions

    Some New Pictures

  3. Corrected Colleague Code for Automotive Master Technician to (09008.CT).

  4. New Programs

    Agriculture Education (AS)

    Cloud Computing (CT)

    Cybersecurity (CT)

  5. Updates How to enroll as a K-12/Dual Enrollment Student

    Included both forms

    Removed “K-12 students are still required to pay various fees (health, transportation, etc.)” from item 3 on paying fees.

  6. CSU-GE and IGETC pages updated with new approved courses.

  7. Updated AP/CLEP/IB Credit Charts.

  8. Updated and Added Links

    Update PPM Links

    Updated a few links on other pages that were inactive.

    Added Guided to Program and Services under Student Resources.

  9. Personnel Pages Updated

    Board of Trustees and Administration


 Updated 1/10/24:

  1. Added UC-TCA Approval to the following courses:

    1. ART-10

    2. ART-31

    3. POSC-01H

    4. POSC-05

  2. Added C-ID Approval to the following courses:

    1. CPSC/ENGR-20 add Approved for C-ID ENGR 120

    2. POSC-05 add Approved for C-ID POLS 160

  3. Added New Programs:

    1. Basic Skills for Adults with Disabilities (NC)

    2. College Preparation Skills (NC)

    3. College Success (NC)

  4. Program Corrections:

    1. Accounting (AA) removed double listing of BUS-18A.

    2. Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T) removed double listing of MUSG-14.

    3. Small Business Entrepreneurship (CT) changed MGMT-31 to VIRT-51.

  5. GE Program Corrections:

    1. CSU-GE and CSU-GE for STEM Area D changed AGBS-05 to AGAB-05.

    2. IGETC and IGETC for STEM Area 4 changed AGBS-05 to AGAB-05.

  6. Course Description Changes:

    1. Mathematics, Noncredit (MAT) course descriptions were updated.

  7. Updated Faculty List