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2017-2018 Catalog (Archived) 
2017-2018 Catalog (Archived) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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John Albano

(209) 384-6073

Area Office
IAC Social Sciences Bldg., 2nd floor

(209) 384-6314

Cooperative Work Experience
(209) 384-6364

Program Description

The Associate in Arts in History for Transfer combines two critical and interrelated focuses: 1) students will acquire an increasingly sophisticated reservoir of historical data, such as, issues, eras, chronology, and thought systems without which historical analysis is not possible, and, 2) armed with this knowledge, students will develop historical thinking skills, and their articulation, that enable one to critically assess and respond to the past and present. Students will comprehend the forces that have shaped both the United States and other nations around the world within a larger global perspective. They will gain skills in historical research and analysis, historiography, critical thinking, factual knowledge of specific historical periods, and a chronological understanding of the past. As a discipline, history helps to nurture an informed public and is, therefore, of vital importance to a democratic society. Further, it complements the mission of the college by having students develop a respect and awareness of and respect for all cultures and the dignity and worth of all individuals. Upon completion, students with an AA-T in History will be eligible to transfer with junior standing into an equivalent major within the California State University (CSU) system.

Career Opportunities

As part of a career path, historical study excels in advantageously developing career skills in research, writing, argumentation (interpersonal communication), and documentation. Such skills and knowledge prepare students for careers in the field of history, education, law, government, business, management, public relations, writing, and research.


    Associate of Arts for Transfer

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