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2017-2018 Catalog (Archived) 
2017-2018 Catalog (Archived) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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John Albano

(209) 384-6073

Area Office
IAC Social Sciences Bldg, 2nd floor

(209) 384-6314

Cooperative Work Experience
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Program Description

The Department of Psychology at Merced College offers students an exciting and challenging curriculum. The curriculum provides students with an opportunity to gain an understanding of how psychological research and theory can be applied to daily life experiences. Students also gain insight into the behavior and personality of themselves and others. The primary goals of the Department of Psychology are (1) to enable students to achieve their educational goals; (2) to teach students about the various theories and approaches to the scientific study of human and animal behavior; (3) to help students utilize critical thinking skills when examining questions and issues; and (4) to better serve the community as informed and concerned citizens who understand the importance of diversity and

The focus of the Psychology Department is to serve students with a wide range of educational and career goals. To this end, the Psychology Department offers two degrees: The Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer (AA-T) and the Associate in Arts in Psychology (AA). For students who are planning on transferring, the AA-T enables them to transfer by successfully completing at least 60 transferable units that will include the psychology major courses, and CSU Breadth or IGETC certification. Students who earn the AA-T in Psychology will be granted junior status at a CSU and will be given priority admission to the psychology program. For students who are not planning on transferring, but who want to earn a degree, the Associate of Arts (AA) in Psychology degree is available. This degree provides students with great flexibility in designing their educational plan. Students who benefit from the AA option include students whose career choice requires only an AA degree, as well as students who are returning to school to earn a degree for advancement at a current job and are not planning to transfer.

Career Opportunities in Psychology

The AA degree in psychology prepares students for a variety of jobs that require an AA degree. The AA in psychology is valuable for jobs that require an understanding of human behavior, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and cultural diversity. The AA-T degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a 4 year college or university, but also prepares students for careers in a variety of fields that require an understanding of human behavior.


    Associate of Arts for TransferAssociate of Arts

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