How to enroll as a K-12/Dual Enrollment Student

Students in K-12 (Kindergarten through 12 grade in High School) must complete Three Easy Steps.

1.      Complete your Application for Admission online through the California Community Colleges website.

2.      Complete the appropriate form:

  1. Permit for Special 9-12 Students.

  2. Permit for Special K-8 Students.

Students must complete the Special K-12 Permit with his/her K-12 counselor who will help select classes that meet his/her educational needs.  Students are only permitted to register for classes that his/her counselor and administrator approve.  Each form needs to be signed by the K-12 Principal and/or designee and college counselor.  Grades 8 and below are required to meet with the appropriate Dean of Instruction to gain additional approval.

  • Parent and student complete the top portion of the form.

    • Note:  You must have one form for EACH class you wish to enroll in.

  • Please forward the completed permit to a Merced College K-12 Counselor at for review and approval.

    • Note:  K-8 student will additionally need an Instructional Dean’s signature

  • Submit the completed electronic form to the Admissions and Records office at to process enrollment for the upcoming term.

There is limited enrollment in Kinesiology (formerly Physical Education) activity classes for K-12 students.  Only 10% of the total class seats available my be offered to K-12 students.  This limit applies to all semesters at Merced College, including summer term.

3.      You may now Pay Fees the $46-per-unit registration fee is waived for K-12 students enrolled in 11 units or fewer.  K-12 students choosing to enroll in over 11 units are responsible for all fees for the total number of units enrolled in the given semester.  Some courses may require payment of a material fee (see course description in class schedule).  K-12 students are also responsible to purchasing their own textbooks (optional textbook fee vs book purchase) for their college courses. 

  • Please note that associated fees are waived for K-12 students taking courses as part of the Career and College Access Pathways program (CCAP).