Instrumentation and Process Control Technology Certificate (09650.CT)

School of Agriculture and Industrial Technology

The Electronics Department at Merced College is offering cross disciplinary curricula that prepare students for rewarding entry-level technician positions in various high-tech fields as Electronics, Electrical, Computer Networking and Industrial Electronics, and Instrumentation and Process Control.

These programs introduce students to electrical and electronics tools, components, circuits, energy sources, analog and digital integrated devices that can be found in complex technical equipment. Hands-on laboratory exercises are designed to develop real-world practical skills in using modern test equipment for troubleshooting circuits and repairing various industrial computerized systems and networks, specific to each area of study.

The Certificate of Achievement degree in Instrumentation and Process Control Technology will be awarded upon the satisfactory completion of the required 31 units of course work listed below, with a minimum grade of a ā€œCā€ (or P) in each course in the certificate, and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

A. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in accomplishing job related tasks.

B. Demonstrate field related entry level theoretical and practical skills.

C. Employ the principles of job related safety requirements.

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Program Requirements:

Program Core: (31 Units)


ELCT-31 Foundations of Electronics - DC and AC Circuits 


ELCT-34 Digital Logic Circuits and Systems


ELCT-41 Industrial Motor and Equipment Control


ELCT-42A Programmable Logic Controllers


ELCT-42B Advanced Topics in PLC Configuration and Programming


ELCT-43A Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control


ELCT-47 Electrical Motors, Generators, Transformers and AC Distribution


ELCT-55 Electrical Conduit Bending Theory and Techniques


ELCT-58 Electrical Print reading for Installation and Troubleshooting


INDT-25 Fluid Power


INDT-56 Industrial Facilities Maintenance


Total: (31 Units)

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