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Music A.A. Degree (10400.AA)

School of Arts and Social Sciences

The A.A. Music Degree fulfills lower-division requirements for students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university culminating in employment the areas of music teaching, performance or other fields within the music industry.

While courses in basic music theory, musicianship, techniques, and performance ensembles are at the core of the A.A. music degree, electives in music history and digital music will also be available.

Upon entering the program, the student will declare a primary performance medium (instrument or voice) and will follow a plan of techniques classes, applied lessons and performance ensemble participation based on that choice. Students must also demonstrate fundamental keyboard skills by passing a piano proficiency exam or completing appropriate coursework.

Graduates of the A.A. Music Degree will be equipped to move on with their academic training, but the degree will also be beneficial to those seeking employment in the fields of private teaching, recording, and performance.

The Associate of Arts Degree in Music is available for students who meet the graduation requirements and complete the following 31-unit curriculum below, with a minimum grade of a ā€œCā€ in each course in the degree and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

A. Perform selected exercises and compositions that reflect the standard repertoire of lower division instrumental performance courses at four year institutions.

B. Apply standard theoretical concepts in the understanding of existing compositions, the organization of musical sounds, and in the creation of original compositions.

C. Demonstrate an understanding of performance ensemble skills including blend, balance, intonation and interpretation as a part of either vocal or instrumental performance groups using a variety of musical styles.

D. Demonstrate piano proficiency.

Visit the Program Mapper for more information on when to take classes and career information.

Program Requirements:

Program Core: (31 Units)


MUSG-10 Music Fundamentals


MUST-01 Music Theory I (Diatonic Harmony)


MUST-02 Music Theory II (Diatonic Harmony II)


MUST-03 Music Theory III


MUST-04 Music Theory IV


MUST-05 Aural Skills I 


MUST-06 Aural Skills II 


Music Applied: (1 Unit)

MUSA-20* Applied Music (0.5)


Music Techniques: Select one pair.

MUSA-21A Voice I (3)
MUSA-21B Voice II (3)
MUSA-25A Guitar I (3)
MUSA-25B Guitar II (3)
MUSA-27A Class Piano I (3)
MUSA-27B Class Piano II (3)


Music Ensembles: Select four courses (4 Units)

MUSE-41 * Concert Band (1)
MUSE-42 * Jazz Ensemble (1)
MUSE-43 * Guitar Ensemble (1)
MUSE-44 * Chorale (1)
MUSE-45 * Chamber Singers (1)


Music Electives: Select 3 units from the following:

MUSG-12 Classical Music History II (3)
MUSG-13 Jazz Music History (3)
MUSG-14 American Popular Music History (3)
MUSG-15 Music Appreciation (3)
MUSG-17 Introduction to Digital Music (3)


Total: (31 Units)

Completion of MCCD-GE Breadth: (23 units)

Elective (as needed to reach 60 units) Units: (6 Units)

Total Degree Units: (60 Units)

*Repeatable for credit.

Note: Many four-year colleges have a maximum number of acceptable performance course units.

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