Paramedicine: Pre-Professional A.S. Degree (12510.AS)

School of Allied Health and Public Safety

Paramedicine is an allied health profession whose specialty is to provide pre-hospital emergency medical care at the Advanced Life Support (ALS) level. Didactic, clinical, and field internships prepare the student to assess and treat a wide variety of medical and traumatic emergencies in the pre-hospital setting. The knowledge and skills acquired through the program will prepare students to meet the professional responsibilities outlined in the Paramedic scope of practice per the California Code of Regulations, Title 22, and to meet certification standards for Paramedics as outlined by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). Credit Value: 62 units (includes field, clinical experience, and general education breadth).

General education courses will fill out the AS degree program. The Paramedic Certificate Program is a three-semester program which is cohort based. The program consists of a minimum of 1090 hours of instruction, which is divided into three distinct sessions: Didactic/classroom instruction (minimum of 450 hours), Clinical Rotation (minimum of 160 hours), and Field Internship (minimum of 480 hours). Upon completion of the program, the student is eligible to take the National Registry EMT-Paramedic examination, which is required for Paramedic licensure in the State of California.

The Associate of Science degree in Paramedicine: Pre-Professional is available for students who meet the graduation requirements and complete the following required courses, with a minimum grade of a ā€œCā€ (or P) in each course in the degree and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Prerequisite skills or enrollment limitations.

Limitation on Enrollment: EMT course, within the last collegiate calendar year, passed with a grade of B or better, and successfully pass entrance examination. OR, If NREMT certification held for greater than one (1) year- proof of field experience and successful completion of entrance examination (s). NREMT EMT-B Certification (current), and maintained throughout coursework. Minimum 18 years of age. Live scan background clearance. Health screen clearance. BLS Healthcare Provider card (current) and maintained throughout the course. Based upon State and Federal Regulations, CA Title 22.


The Merced County EMS Agency has determined the submitted application for the Paramedic Program has met the requirements for Paramedic training (State of CA Health and Safety Code Div 2.5, 1797.208 & Merced County EMS policy 253.00.

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Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions

Program Student Learning Outcomes

A. Integrate pathophysiological principles and assessment findings to formulate a field impression.

B. Using a patient's field impression, implement the treatment plan for the patient with medical and traumatic emergencies.

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Program Requirements:

Program Core:


EMER-10 Paramedic I


EMER-11 Paramedic I Lab


EMER-20 Advanced Paramedic


EMER-21 Advanced Paramedic Lab


EMER-30 Paramedic, Acute Clinical Lab


EMER 31 Paramedic Field Experience


Total: 39 Units

Completion of MCCD-GE Breadth: (23 units)

Elective (as needed to reach 60 units) Units: (0 Units)

Total Degree Units: (62 Units)

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