Mechanized Agriculture Technology Certificate (01450.CT)

School of Agriculture and Industrial Technology

Agriculture’s dependence on power equipment has given rise to a tremendous vocational education program at Merced College in the Mechanized Agriculture field.

The Mechanized Agriculture program offers courses in a wide variety of subject areas including Power Equipment Mechanics, Agricultural Construction, Diesel Engines, Hydraulics, Small Power Equipment, Machinery Management, and Power Equipment Operation. The Mechanized Agriculture facilities at the College are modern, spacious and equipped with current equipment that is used in the industry.

For instruction in Power Equipment Mechanics, the College shop has diesel engines of all makes and styles, hydraulic components, injection pumps, tractors, and agriculture equipment used for “hands-on” student training. Equipment used in the operation courses consist of both current model tractors as well as vintage designs. In addition, all of the implements necessary to run a complete farming operation are available for instructional use. Trucks and heavy equipment are also available for student instruction.

The Diesel Fuel Systems instruction provides the opportunity for our students to utilize a fully equipped fuel injection room. The College provides students with the tools necessary for all classes.

A Certificate of Achievement in Mechanized Agriculture Technology will be awarded upon the satisfactory completion of the curriculum listed below, with a minimum grade of a “C” (or P) in each course in the certificate and maintains a 2.0 GPA.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

A. Explain the basic theory of the subject matter or system for the course of instruction based on industry standards.

B. Analyze a scenario based upon an equipment system failure/problem/ complaint.

C. Employ a systematic approach to troubleshooting a system malfunction in order to prepare a solution.

D. Demonstrate the correct tools/supplies required to diagnose/repair a malfunction.

E. Evaluate the path of repair by testing and/or completing a work order/ report.

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Program Requirements:

Program Core: (34 Units)


AGMA-02 Agriculture Equipment


AGMA-07 Compact Power Equipment


AGMA-11 Diesel Engines


AGMA-12 Equipment Mechanics Skills


AGMA-13 Power Equipment Air Conditioning


AGMA-14 Power Equipment Electrical Systems


AGMA-15 Hydraulics


AGMA-16 Power Trains


AGMA-17 Applied Electrical and Hydraulic Service


AGMA-18 Applied Diesel Technical Skills


AGMA-19 Advanced Diagnosis and Repair


AGMA-20 Introduction to Equipment Diagnosis and Repair


Total: (34 Units)

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