Culinary Management Certificate (13160.CT)

School of Agriculture and Industrial Technology

The goals and objectives are to gain skills and knowledge in the area of Culinary Management. This certificate will address specific occupational training needs. Students will be able to apply management skills which include food budgeting, customer service, utilization of kitchen procedures, public health requirements and skills required in a professional kitchen operation. These subjects will prepare students for career advancement in culinary supervisory positions. If students choose to continue their path and earn the Culinary Management Associate of Arts that would enable additional opportunities in larger school districts, hospitality industry and institutions.

The Certificate will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the curriculum listed with a minimum grade of a ā€œCā€ (or P) or better in each course required.

Students must pass the ServSafe Manager or equivalent Food Safety Certification.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

A. Produce safe, satisfying and nutritionally adequate food for customers with attention to available resources.

B. Develop management skills in a professional kitchen setting including the ability to train employees and oversee meal production and service.

C. Evaluate and practice safety standards for the culinary industry.

D. Collaborate effectively using good communication skills in a commercial kitchen setting with diverse cultures, emphasizing teamwork in a professional environment.

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Program Requirements:

Program Core: (30 Units)


CULN-39 Introduction to Professional Kitchen


CULN-43 Introduction to Baking and Business


CULN-48 Beverage Management


NUTR-20 Principles of Foods


NUTR-25 Introduction to Nutrition and Hospitality Careers


NUTR-37 Nutrition and Hospitality Field Experience


NUTR-40 Food Service Management


NUTR-42 Food Production Management


NUTR-44 Food Safety and Sanitation


NUTR-45 Introduction to Medical Nutrition Therapy


Electives: Choose 5 Units from the following:

AOM-30 Introduction to Computer Applications (3)
CULN-47 Mixology (1)
NUTR-12 Culture and Cuisine of the World (3)
NUTR-24 Work Experience in Nutrition (2)


Total: 30 Units

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