Digital Arts A.A. Degree (06100.AA)

School of Arts and Social Sciences

The study of digital art keeps students knowledgeable about cutting-edge artistic developments in our increasingly visual world. An education in digital art prepares students to produce media for print publication and screen-based output. The state-of-the-art classroom and digital art lab provides students with hands-on experience in digital art, graphic design, digital publishing, three-dimensional modeling, motion graphics, interactive media, multimedia, and web software techniques.

The Digital Art Program provides thorough preparation for careers and visual expression in digital art fields. The Associate of Arts Degree in Digital Art is available for students who meet the graduation requirements and complete the 30-unit curriculum listed below, with a minimum grade of a ā€œCā€ (or P) in each course in the degree and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

A. Analyze historical, technical and current cultural approaches while utilizing computers, peripherals, screen-based media, the Internet and digital media tools to create digital art.

B. Demonstrate visual thinking ability in still and time-based digital art forms.

C. Appraise digital art industry trends through various multimedia formats.

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Program Requirements:

Program Core: (18 Units)


ARTD-08 History of Animation (3)
ARTD-07 History of Graphic Design (3)


ART-15 Design: 2-D Foundations


ART-24A Fundamentals of Drawing (3)
ART-26A Introduction to Figure Drawing (3)


ARTD-40A Introduction to Digital Art


ARTD-41A Introduction to Graphic Design: 2D Foundations


ARTD-45A Animation I: Introduction to Web Design and 2D Animation (3)
ARTD-42A Introduction to Motion Graphics


Plus 9 units from the following courses:

ARTD-40B Intermediate Digital Art (3)
ARTD-41B Intermediate Graphic Design: 2D Foundations (3)
ARTD-45A Animation I: Introduction to Web Design and 2D Animation (3)
ARTD-45B Animation II: Intermediate Web Design and Animation (3)
ARTD-47 Typography I: Introduction to Type Design (3)
ARTD-42B Intermediate Motion Graphics (3)


Plus 3 units from the following courses:

PHOT-11A Introduction to the Digital Camera (3)
CPSC-05A Application Development and Programming (3)
MKTG-33 Advertising( 3)
MGMT-37 Small Business Entrepreneurship (3)
VIRT-50 Virtual Office (3)
VIRT-51 Social Media (3)
AOM-58A Website Development (2)
MGMT-50A Challenges of Leadership: Difficult People/Tough Conversations (0.5)
MGMT-50H Customer Service (0.5)


Total: (30 Units)

Completion of MCCD-GE Breadth: (23 units)

Elective (as needed to reach 60 units) Units: (7 Units)

Total Degree Units: (60 Units)

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