Agriculture Education A.S. Degree (01051.AS)

School of Agriculture and Industrial Technology

The Agriculture Education program is designed to prepare and equip students with academic education and skills for success in careers in Education, Communication, Public Relations, Sales and Government. In addition to a required selection of core courses, students will choose a specialization in one of the following focus areas: Agriculture Business, Animal Science, Plant Science/Environmental Horticulture or Mechanized Agriculture...

The Associate of Science Degree in Agriculture Education is available upon satisfactory completion of the graduation requirements and complete the following required courses with a minimum grade of a “C” (or P) in each course in the degree and maintains a 2.0 GPA.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

A. Prioritize units of instruction for topics in agriculture.

B. Adapt teaching lessons towards agriculture topics for diverse student populations.

C. Select a philosophy utilizing pedagogical skills used in agricultural education settings.

D. Distinguish between a variety of teaching techniques in the classroom in order to positively influence student learning.

E. Analyze the current events/issues that are occurring in agriculture.

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Program Requirements:

Program Core: (27.5 Units)


AGAB-02 Agricultural Accounting


AGAB-05 Agricultural Economics


AGAS-01 Elements of Animal Science


AGAS-16 Fitting, Showing and Merchandising Livestock


AGMA-01 Equipment Safety


AGMA-05 Agricultural and Industrial Technical Skills


AGRI-01 Agriculture Education Orientation


AGRI-10 Agriculture, Environment, and Society


AGEH-01 Elements of Landscape Horticulture


BIOL-01 General Biology for Non-Majors


Plant Science Production

Select a minimum of 3 units from the following:
AGPS-10 Elements of Cereal Grain Production (3)
AGPS-11 Forage Crops (3)


Animal Science Production

Select a minimum of 3 units from the following:
AGAS-11 Horse Husbandry (3)
AGAS-12 Beef Production (3)
AGAS-13 Sheep and Meat Goat Science (3)
AGAS-14 Swine Production (3)
AGAS-15 Elements of Dairy (3)



Select a minimum of 4 units from the following:
CHEM-02A Introduction Chemistry (4)
CHEM-04A General Chemistry I (5)


Agricultural Ambassadors

Select a minimum of 2 units from the following:
AGAB-30A Elements of Agricultural Leadership (2)
AGAB-30B Agricultural Leadership – Personal Development (2)
AGAB-30C Agricultural Leadership – Team Leadership (2)
AGAB-31A Agricultural Ambassadors - Introduction (2)
AGAB-31B Agricultural Ambassadors – Recruitment (2)
AGAB-31C Agricultural Ambassadors – Public Relations (2)


Specialization Area

Select minimum of 6 units in one area below:

Agriculture Business
AGAB-01 Introduction to Agricultural Business (3)
AGAB-03 Agricultural Marketing (3)
AGAB-07 Agricultural Sales and Communication (3)
AGAB-08 Agricultural Computer Applications (3)

Mechanized Agriculture
AGMA-02 Agriculture Equipment (3)
AGMA-07 Compact Power Equipment (3)
AGMA-06 Small Engine Repair and Maintenance (3)

Animal Science
AGAS-02 Livestock Breeding and Selection (3)
AGAS-03 Animal Diseases and Parasite Control (3)
AGAS-04 Elements of Animal Nutrition (3)
AGAS-10 Meat Science (3)

Plant Science/Environmental Horticulture
AGEH-05 Plant Propagation (3)
AGPS-01 Elements of Plant Science (3)
AGPS-05 Soil Science (3)


Total: (45.5-46.5 Units)

Completion of MCCD-GE Breadth: (23 units)

Elective (as needed to reach 60 units) Units: (0-0.5 Units)

Total Degree Units: (60-60.5 Units)

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